<-----i don't know how to story about her----->

before this i don't like her because of something happend winth us.. long tyme ago.. i don't like her because of my fault... i did something was hurt her heart so much.. i dont know how to story about her la, but she so special for me .. actually she so nice and educated girl as i know her. hehe, i never meet her before this just talk , chat in fb n YM only.

her style :
- like shawl very much
- like photo's very much
- migrin? of couse
- she lo0ke like in LOVE with somebody right now. 

it what i know about her, only that. and what i always remember bout her is "FARAH, rindu la" hehe she always told that words if we in line...


this is her picture.. now,she be my buddy ...


  1. kurang comey la pix yg kat ats sekali tu...kekeke

  2. ala...biasa lah tu dear buddy...